Christian Serratos Interview - Portrait Magazine, October 2008 Issue
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Christian Serratos Interview
Interview by Eleni
Interview date: September 2008

Name: Christian Serratos
Career: Actor
IMDb Page:
Myspace Page:

So youíre going to play the part of Angela in Twilight. What was the audition process like?
Well I originally got called in for the part of Jessica but I fell in love with the part of Angela. So after the audition for Jessica, I put on my glasses, put my hair up in a pony tail and tried my hardest to get the part of Angela.

Christian Serratos "The Kings of Summer" Los Angeles Premiere

Was the cast really close during filming?
Yeah as much as we could. It was difficult because we were filming at different times or in different places. For example some of us would be filming at home and others on set so there was a lot of going back and forth. We definitely hung out when we could though. It was a lot of fun!

Had you read the books before auditioning for the role?
I actually hadnít. I had heard of the book and had fallen in love with the book cover. When I got called for the audition, I thought it sounded familiar so I looked it up and realized it was the book cover that I had fallen in love with! So I read the book after that.

Which book was your favourite out of the 3?
I think it was Eclipse.

What was filming like?
There was a lot of travelling involved between Portland and LA. I was required to go back and forth for different events for example the Nick Choice Awards but it was so much fun. I actually love Portland! I had never been there before so it was great to go up there. We were right in the centre of Portland so we were surrounded by malls etc which was fun! It was really cold though, but I enjoyed it.

Did it rain daily?
Well we had a swirl of things in one day. We got rain, hail, snow and blazing heat all in one day! And that happened pretty much every day! The weather liked to play with us!

Did lots of fans visit the set?
Yeah lots of the extras were fans. Most of the times when we were filming, we had a small audience which was quite nerve wracking. But it was all good fun.

So tell us a bit about your character, Angela.
Angela Webber is a human (i donít think Iíve ever had to explain that before) and sheís the leadís (Bella played by Kristen Stewart) best friend. Theyíre both very timid and their personalities match, so they become good friends.

Angela is very understanding towards Bella in the movie and Bella trusts her more than Jessica. Would you say youíre like that in real life?
Well I have my best friends and we all trust each other, so I guess I am like Angela in that perspective.

Do you think the cast managed to portray the characters from the book?
Absolutely! Everyone has put in so much effort and theyíre all great actors! Iím a huge fan of the books and Iím very happy with the outcome!

Did you have any embarrassing moments on set?
Well to be honest I donít really get embarrassed easily. However I am really clumsy but I donít find it embarrassing when I bash into something or I fall over.

And now some random questions for fans to get to know you better.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
India!! Iíve been obsessed with India since I was about 5 years old.

What are your hobbies?
Iím a real home body so I usually stay in with my best friends and watch movies. My parents and grandparents have tried to teach me how to knit but right now Iím stuck on a long piece of yarn that isnít going anywhere.

If you were stuck on a desert island with only three things, what would they be?
A portable Taco Bell, a radio and my puppy.

Tell me a secret!
I do not know how to burp!!

Whatís the strangest thing youíve had in your mouth?
Me and my friend Ashley were really bored one day so we decided to see who can fit the most bubblegum in their mouth. At some point I had about 20 pieces in my mouth and I just couldnít do it anymore and it just fell out like a blob...

Whatís your secret addiction?
Taco Bell hot sauce! I put it on everything! I even carry it in my purse!

What was your nickname at school?

What irrationally annoys you?
A lot of my friends walk diagonally so I slow down to let them pass and they slow down with me...itís so annoying! They seem to need to walk over me!

Whatís the weirdest rumour youíve heard about yourself?
When I was on Nedís Declassified, there was a rumour that I was dating Devon Werkheiser.

Do you have a myspace? If yes, what is it?
I have a music myspace where fans can contact me.